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Spacebar Docs

Build to GitHub Pages code style: prettier

Deploy with Vercel

How to get started

  1. Fork this repository.

  2. Clone the forked repository.

    git clone<YOUR_USERNAME_HERE>/docs
  3. Install dependencies.

    python3 -m pip install mkdocs-material mkdocs-swagger-ui-tag mkdocs-section-index mkdocs-macros-plugin
  4. Edit documents(s).

    • Format document(s).

    Spacebar uses prettier formatter to consistently format our documents. Instructions to install and use prettier can be found here.

    If you are using vscode, install the prettier extension to automatically format documents on save.

  5. Test locally.

    • Serve in with hot reload:

      python3 -m mkdocs serve
    • Build for production:

      python3 -m mkdocs build
  6. Commit changes with good commit messages.

  7. Create a pull request.